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Why Use TrackitHub?


FREE registration is available to all Pickleball players and Pickleball clubs throughout the world.

If you area Pickleball player that wants to join a league, select "Create a FREE Player Account. Make sure to select which group or club you would like to join. Once your account is created, you will be able to socialize with Pickleball players from around the world and join any league you wish.

If you area club admin and wish to create an account for your club/league, select "Create a Club or League Account" and type in the club/league information. Make sure the name of the club/league name is simple and recognizable. Once this is complete, the members of your club/league that wish to play in Shootouts can join your new group.

The players are placed on the courts automatically based on their percentage. We calculate this percentage by dividing the points that player receives during his/her games by how many points were possible.

After the first 3 games, the best percentage moves up a court and the worst percentage moves down a court. Then you play another round of three games.

The process of moving players up and down is also completely automated. We also have the flexibility within our software to play only one round of games. As you type in the scores each player's percentage is automatically being calculated for you.

Once the games are complete, each player's new average is instantaneously placed in a table for the them to view and the standings are automatically updated.

Every member on TrackitHub has the ability to create their own social media page. This also includes club/league admins.

Reach out to Pickleball players from around the world. Share pictures, videos and posts about your Pickleball experiences.

Create groups for your closest friends or club/league members. For club/league admins, this is an efficient and effective way to organize and communicate with all your members.

No more compiling an email list. All your member's contact info is right at your finger tips. This is also a great way to market your club/league to outsiders.

What Are Others Saying?

We asked our great members what they thought of TrackitHub.

Dee Davison, Sun City Festival Pickleball Club President

"TrackitHub has allowed Sun City Festival Pickleball Club to greatly enhance our weekly club events with the sophisticated communication and organizational tools of the software."

Ray Gagnon, Kelowna Pickleball Administrator

"I have had great and immediate support initiating the start up and find the program to be very easy to implement. After only two shootouts our playing members are begging me to use TrackitHub for all upcoming events."

"Z"orano Tubo, Boys & Girls Club - W. Broome

"TrackitHub introduced an idea which encourages players to experience a wider range of play. TrackitHub has contributed to this explosion of steady revenue into our Club. The players love it and I do to. I recommend you contact Travis at TrackitHub. His software is user friendly and he takes the time to make sure you understand how it works before he lets you fly solo."

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